ESO Strategy Guide – The Gamer’s Guide to Elder Scroll Online


Elder Scroll Online will feel familiar to both MMO and Elder Scrolls players alike. A great example is character building which has been adapted from both games. Just like all the other games in the Elder Scroll franchise, ESO is set in Tamriel and also features a storyline which is somehow connected to all the other Elder Scroll games. To keep pushing forward in this game you will be required to have a great understanding of the game i.e. its mechanisms, interface and any other aspect that separates this game from other MMO game. With that said, irrespective as to whether you are a newbie or a novice player, the following ESO strategy guide will set you the player, on a successful journey from the first level to the last and also a character build that you are going to be proud of. Also check out this ESO Manual, it has the best elder scrolls info and guides I have found.

Assign Your Skill Points Wisely

ESO skill system can prove to be somewhat intimidating even for MMO junkies and Elder Scrolls veterans. Instead of using, a free-form leveling system like Skyrim or a three skill trees like the one employed by World of War crafts, ESO employs a hybrid approach, which allows flexible character builds. Nonetheless, it is not exceedingly clear how users are expected to design their leveling plans. Upon moving to a new level, you are going to spend your skill points to either morph the existing abilities or unlock new abilities. The abilities contained in the hot bar are the ones, which will go up in rank when you complete quests, kill monsters or gain experience.

Thus, it is exceedingly smart to first place your skill points into each of the skill trees. Placing your skill points in the skill trees will allow you, the user to gain the necessary experience in the game’s three skill trees as you move from the first zone. You will also discover that the types of armor and weapons that you possess will also level as well. Hence, you should put on gears from all the three tiers i.e. light, medium and heavy at the beginning. By doing this, you will be able to have access to each of the tree’s passive abilities, and also you will have more armor options to choose from.

Start Crafting Immediately

When you first hit Tamriel, you are not going to be able to unlock any gathering or crafting skills immediately. Unlike other MMO’s, these set of skills are available from the very beginning. Materials used in crafting can be collected from the wilderness, and they include ore veins which are used for mainly for blacksmithing, maple logs used for woodworking and jute flowers which are used for tailoring. Rawhide to be used in leatherworks can be collected once an animal is killed. If you plan on cooking or brewing drinks, you are going to find all the necessary materials in the game.

To craft, you will use any of the stations which are generally located in towns. However, you can still be able to find a random fascinating table in a dungeon. Additionally, ingredients can be purchased from any of the vendors.

Learn How to Lock Pick

Just as it is in any other Elder Scroll games, you are always going to find numerous locked chests in tucked away nooks and dungeons. However, the process of opening these chests is entirely different from all the other MMO’s. Upon attempting to unlock a chest, a mini-game window with a timer and a few tumblers will pop-up. Your main job will be to press down the tumblers at specific points, using left click button of the mouse. If timed right, the tumbler is going to lock in place. Before the timer runs out, you will be expected to have locked all the tumblers in place. It is important to note, that this mini-game can become exceedingly intense especially if you are surrounded by enemies.

Select the Right Class

Since sorcerers are the main magic class, in this game they have access to high DPS and special abilities such as direct damage abilities. Additionally, they can also summon pets like Wow Warlock through Daerick summoning or alternatively control enemies by using dark magic. However, you should not be fooled by the fantasy magic user troops. Apart from being a sorcerer’s you can also opt to be a dragon knight. In this game, Dragon Knights are not only big but also beefy. Dragon Knights fight up close with enormous weapons and have access to the high damage fire. Knights can make very great tanks or great damage dealers.

Plan Ahead for Healing

Any class in ESO has the ability to heal. The abilities to keep the members healthy are usually tied to the restoration staff skill tree. You can level the restoration skill tree by either unlocking the restoration tree’s regeneration ability or equipping a Resto Staff. In case you believe that you may at any one point in the game, use this special ability, then you should keep it on the hot bar so that it gains experience as you progress in the game.