Review of the SWMasters Rune Farming Guide


If you are a mobile game buff, in all probability you are into Summoners War, the new game by Com2uS. Its monster evolution collection game lets you explore a variety of PvP, PvE and hard dungeons.

Through constant practice gives you a good hang, most enthusiasts find difficulties with handling the Summoners War runes or in short, the swmasters runes part. For the uninitiated, runes are the stuff that you can power up and equip your monsters with to strengthen them.

Poor rune quality owes itself to a player’s not creating agile and trustworthy dungeon farming teams.

Only if they knew the art of forging 100% reliable speed teams, they would have a better rune quality and good mana. Most players maintain farming dungeons like Giants, Dragons and Nerco with teams having a success rate of only 90% to 95%.

What is forgotten is that just with a 5% to 10% error margin of runes, they can be set back by the potential adds up, which they never got.

We often hear complaints of not having a good number of enough runes for progress in the game or crush it in PvP. Besides, some players also have gripes over not having sufficient mana to craft, which could power up their runes.

Here’s a link to the SWMasters Rune Guide that will help you get the best runes.

swmasters Rune Guide

Monsters and runes combined well enable you to make a star Giants (GB10) team. You have 6 rune slots for a monster and you get bonus stat effects on equipping a certain set of runes.

For instance, should you equip 4 fatal runes, you bag a set bonus of attack +35%. For a bonus, the number of set effects required varies from 2 to 4.

You can power up runes by sacrificing mana stones or by upping the rune stats or if you add a new stat to the rune. The increase here “increases” depending on the rareness of the rune (the higher, the better).

You can power up runes up to 15 times and while doing so, the probability of a power-up depends on the rune level e.g. rune powering up from +1 to +3 achieves 100% success that decreases level-wise. Runes have different rarity level types.

The runes having a higher beginning rarity invariably achieve better stats since they begin with 4 substats.

You can farm the best runes from the dungeons – Giant, Dragon and Necropolis.

Your success here lies in determining your goals for the best possible progression and the focus of your resources.

Break Down of the SWMasters Rune Guide:
Step 1
Clear the scenarios (Normal mode) to discover new content and be rewarded for clearing different zones.

Step 2
After clearing all scenarios and Faimon Hard with farmer mon, you can begin with Giant’s B10 team. Farming quality runes here is crucial for your success. Finish the Veromos fusion while you ready your team as farming GB10 will get easier.

Step 3
After farming GB10 team with an 85%+ success, it’s time for clearing ToA (monthly) and be rewarded for every stage.

GB10 team is important in clearing ToA, as the only additional mon needed is a Baretta. Who knows you may bag a devilmon (F70), a Light & Dark scroll (F90), or a Legendary scrolls (F100)!

Step 3
After quality GB10 runes, it’s time to build a DB10 team, which delivers excellent rune sets, including the Violent runes, which can strengthen you significantly.

Step 4
Now you need to prioritize clearing the Hard ToA. TOAH rewards are similar to TOAN’s - the only difference lies in the monsters being more damaging here.

Step 5
A minimum of TOAH F70 lets you begin with a R5 team. R5 has Enchanted Gems and Grindstones, which enable you to turbo-charge and strengthen your runes.

Step 6
Now is the time for a NB10 team. The rune sets here can help you with PvP stuff like Arenas, Real-Time Arena, and Guild Wars.

Step 7
A good NB10 team lets you farm PvP runes and build PvP mons easily. Getting good Rankings in Arena and Guild Wars get you lots of extra Crystals.